About Us

Procom Audio designs and manufactures state-of-the-art simultaneous interpretation equipment and wireless infrared push-to-talk conference microphone systems. In the course of our 20 years of experience in the field of simultaneous interpretation, we were increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of sound quality and the extremely high power consumption of the equipment available on the market.

Our engineers put our extensive experience to work and produced a full range of interpretation devices that provide crystal-clear sound quality for the interpreters and the attendees, vastly extended battery life and a much simpler user interface. Our digital receivers can work continuously for up to 75 hours. This means that attendees can keep them for up to 5 days without the need to line up at the beginning and end of each day to have their batteries changed or recharged.

Whether your needs call for the purchase, rental or a permanent installation, our simultaneous interpretation equipment and our wireless infrared push-to-talk microphone systems represent the best solution available on the market today.