Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

video remote interpreting VRI-RSI

Virtual Simultaneous Interpretation Console for Professional Interpreters VRI . - RSI remote simultaneous interpretation.

Video remote interpreting is a video telecommunication service that uses devices such as web cameras or videophones to provide sign language or spoken language interpreting services. This is done through a remote or offsite interpreter, in order to communicate with persons with whom there is a communication barrier.

ISO/PAS 24019:2020

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Booth Master Front
Booth Master translation Console

We named it the Booth Master and it's really the master piece.

The number one choice for professional interpreters.

Meets the Canadian standard for simultaneous interpretation.


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Premier Bilingual console
Headset Microphone

This directional microphone is another popular microphone with Listen users. It secures over the speaker's ears and wraps around the back of the neck. It has great-audio quality, is comfortable to wear and is good for extended use.

Hands free Microphone
Listen Portable Transmitter LT700

portable transmitter needed to broadcast your voice to your audience .

reliable 72Mhz frequency range , up to 17 frequency available .

System Bundle is Available
MultiLingual Console
Multilingual interpreters Console

Function and feature:

> full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC 60914 international standard.

> 256X 64 LCD display. AMOLED Displays conference information and working status in real time.

> Aluminium alloy appearance.

> This system adopts Locking 6PIN hand by hand connection.

> Full digital audio transmission technique; Peer to peer connection;  up to 150m to the far end console.

> Adopt full digital audio codec technology and digital audio compression technology.  

> Sampling frequency reaches 48K; Frequency response of all 64 channel can reach 30Hz – 20KHz.

> 8/16/32/64 (Channels) multi-language interpretation console.

>  One interpretation controller can take up to 80 consoles, failure in any console will not affect the rest.

> Built-in high-pass filter which can filter out the unnecessary low-frequency rumble.

> Same channel interlock function. engaged LED light for the occupied channel.

> Relay with a clear viewing of the language name

> Preset languages name stored in the main controller unit.

> Presets relay languages, auto floor  3 outgoing Channels

> Microphone gain and EQ adjustable individually.

> Built-in IC Card reader.

> Built-in monitor loudspeaker with volume control. automatically shuts off when the microphone is switched to ON 

>Changing Languages name without restarting the controller.

> Maximum 6 interpretation units can be installed in each booth.

> Memory playback

> Built-in multi-channel intercom facility.

> flexible gooseneck Microphone with a red light ring.

> Removable microphone pole, easy to be transported.

Aluminum Alloy Matte Black

Technical parameter:



RX E9216

RX E9232

RX E9264

Channel No





System capacity

Depends on system controller, ≤65535pcs, single controller ≤80pcs

Frequency respond

30-20KHz(Human voice golden Frequency respond)


256X 64 LCD display

MIC type


sensitivity of MIC




Dynamic Range


Resolution of channels


Total harmonic distortion


Working power


Working current

50ma, ±5%

Maximum power


Control type


Earphone output

16Ω, 250mW

Connection mode

Hand in Hand ring 


Locking  6 pin DIN


Grey , Silver (Custom-made)


295(L) x 126(W)x 57(H) mm


simultaneous translation booth
ProBooth Lite Soundproof Interpretation Booth

The ProBooth Lite is a revolutionary design offers important advantages over existing booths:

  • Interchangeable 3.30' X 3.30' panels;

  • Installed by only one person in minutes.

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REX 7 RF receiver
REX7 Digital RF Simultaneous Interpretation Receiver
  • 75 hours of continuous use without battery recharge;
  • Crystal clear sound quality;
  • Tsync technology prevents interference.
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Star Digital Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System
  • No interference from any light source; works even in bright sunlight;
  • Up to 32 channels.
Digital Technology