Tour Guide System

Headset Microphone

This directional microphone is another popular microphone with Listen users. It secures over the speaker's ears and wraps around the back of the neck. It has great-audio quality, is comfortable to wear and is good for extended use.

Hands free Microphone
Listen Portable Transmitter LT700

portable transmitter needed to broadcast your voice to your audience .

reliable 72Mhz frequency range , up to 17 frequency available .

System Bundle is Available
REX7 Digital FM Simultaneous Interpretation Receiver
  • 75 hours of continuous use without battery recharge;
  • Crystal clear sound quality;
  • Tsync technology prevents interference.
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Extremly reliable & user friendly tourguide system

Strong wireless  that can go 100ft

NO interference from WIFI frequency 

70 hours of listinning time using one pair of AAA set 

Intelligent Auto Shut off function to avoid battery drain when the guidance Microphone switched off 

designed and assembled in Montreal Canada , even if you brake it your warranty will cover it for a one full year